Dark wizard Tower

For backers within the European Union of this Kickstarter campaign, we offer a 25% discount to support the project and facilitate the printing of the parts in MSLA for people who do not have their own 3D printers.

Dark wizard Tower - Fabricando3D - 001
Dark wizard Tower - Fabricando3D - 001

A 3D Masterpiece: Printing Minion_Ent_stand in Gray MSLA Resin

Rendered image

Dark wizard Tower - Fabricando3D - 001

Real 3D printed photo

Dark wizard Tower - Fabricando3D - 004

3D design image

Dark wizard Tower - Fabricando3D - 004

The Minion_Ent_stand piece is just one of the many designs available in the Kickstarter campaign we’re collaborating with the designer on. All pieces are printed in high-detail gray resin, giving each figure a precise and detailed finish. Additionally, this resin is easy to paint and provides great print quality.

The normal printing price for each piece is 3.6€ before taxes. But if you take advantage of the designer’s Kickstarter campaign, you can get a 25% discount on the printing price by using the backer number provided by the designer. This means you can get this figure for just 2.7€ before taxes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get high-quality figures at an exceptionally low price! Place your order now in the designer’s Kickstarter campaign and take advantage of this limited-time offer we’re offering in collaboration with them.

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Sweden, Ireland, Slovakia
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Slovenia, Romania
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6 days
3 days
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Norway, Bulgaria
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Greece, Turkey
5 days
Service Zone Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6
Up to 1 Kg 17.64 € 20.13 € 23.81 € 34.77 € 52.43 € 84.48 €
Up to 2 Kg 18.26 € 20.76 € 25.75 € 35.89 € 56.48 € 84.89 €
Up to 3 Kg 18.89 € 21.38 € 27.80 € 37.01 € 60.52 € 85.30 €
Up to 4 Kg 19.53 € 22.52 € 29.60 € 38.14 € 64.56 € 85.71 €
Up to 5 Kg 20.16 € 23.66 € 31.54 € 39.26 € 68.61 € 86.78 €

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